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16.08.2014 - 30.08.2014

Deutsche Version hier!

Trash art deluxe and the power of the free scene

Establishment meets Underground: with artists from New York, Detroit, Vancouver, Miami, München, Baden Württemberg, Münnerstadt and Berlin

with new work by ADLER A.F. | ANRA aka Andreas and Ralph Hilbert | Marc Aurel | gerSCh aka Gerd Scheuerer | Gregory de la Haba | Jeremy Hansen | Mia Hochrein | Kathy Kissik | Tine Kindermann | Stephanie Krumbholz | Emil Memon | Morelli | Cornelius Perino | Nele Stroebel | Igor Kaschkurjewitsch | Jerry Vile | Lee Wells | Gerhard Winter

curated by ADLER A.F.

opening on the 16th of August 2014 at 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm

Greeting Robert Weber, Galerie Robert Weber/ Munich
Dr. Jolanda Wagner, Art Historian /Vienna

Performance Trash Queen "Uns gehört die Stadt", directed by ADLER A.F.

Performances on the 23rd of August 2014

7 pm Andreas & Ralph Hilbert aka ANRA with their interactive performance: ANRA eats war: eat art installation

9 pm Trash Queen >Uns gehört die Stadt!< Schreitanz, directed by ADLER A.F.

9.30 pm Cornelius Perino: pyro performance >bomb my art<


Closing Party on 29th of August 2014 at 5pm



"Frau Schmitt", Mia Hochrein



It is the year 1947. Art patron Peggy Guggenheim meets with a rich collector in her New York gallery and complains because no-one has bought even one painting by Jackson Pollock, who she has given a solo show. To which the art connoisseur responds: "Dear Peggy, Jackson Pollock is avantgarde, success will take a while!"

The New International Avantgarde is presented by Munich curator ADLER A.F. at neurotitan gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg - in the heart of Berlin nearby the Hackesche Höfe. Artists who have committed to Trash Art and XXL painting, to making art from recyclable materials from Berlin, Munich, Miami and New York and to paint unconventional-unpleasing paintings in gigantic formats.

ADLER A.F. has a feeling for the real, the unkitschy. The focus of her own work is the socalled Trash Art, which she shows in Miami, New York, Detroit, Munich and Berlin. She transforms garbage into art with political aspects and provokes between luxury and asceticism. In 2008 ADLER A.F. founded the only existing museum of contemporary Trash Art worldwide, MocTA in Berlin.

In 2011 ADLER A.F. participated in the Venice Bienniale, and in 2012 was invited to the Kassel dOCUMENTA (13) with her living sculpture Trash Queen to the "Schreitanz" (scream dance). As a curator she has for over 10 years presented creators of the so-called "off scene", the alternative, independent art scene, genre- and generation bending "no mainstream" art in profound work shows located in abandoned buildings, basements or factories.
The ADLER motto is: art is that which doesn't look like art.

XXL formats, work that defies any mainstream tendencies, will be shown by Marc Aurel and gerSCH aka Gerd Scheurer from Munich, as well as Gregory de la Haba and Lee Wells from New York. Kathy Kissik from Miami and Jeremy Hansen from Toronto are represented with trashy assemblages. Gerhard Winter from Munich combines glass treatment with found objects which he attacks with gigantic nails. Berlin performer Cornelius Perino is well known for his fire shows. With Berlin artist Morelli he shares the love for detail in an aesthetic-constructivist context and a new interpretation of recycle design. New York artist Tine Kindermann fuses fairy tales in peep hole installations to a unique combination of tradition and peep show. Emil Memon is a New York multi-talent who focuses on experimental videos and documentaries of New York in the 80s till the present. Additionally, he curates with Japanese artst Kyoko Sato Ono art shows on the highest level. Jerry Vile from Detroit, known for his "dirty shows", exposes the puritanism of US society and ridicules it. Igor Kaschkurjewitsch is stone-sculptor, working in Minsk/Belarus and Berlin with "Findlingen".

Berlin artist Stephanie Krumbholz and Mia Hochrein from Münnerstadt are performance and concept artists of high quality: cleverly thought out, provocative and spontaneously they surprise with unexpected combinations of garbage and art work. The twin brothers Andreas and Ralph Hilbert aka ANRA eso&ecoTrash create critical tableaux and installations from first world garbage. Nele Stroebel, a sculptor working in Munich and Berlin, explores reality with a critical eye and will install her sculpture lost&found at neurotitan.

The show includes video, XXL painting, installation, performance, object and concept art and complies with the 5 criteria of the avantgarde: it is provocative - innovative - self reflective - nonconformist - negates the pleasing! ADLER A.F. and the colleagues chosen by her are not interested in others' expectations and will not be distracted from their main idea: to see what is possible when the artist refuses to only see what everybody likes. Because art can change the world and not just decorate it! or, as Professor Olaf Metzel of Kunstakademie Munich drastically put it: "Art is the empty space between prison and the insane asylum!"

Peggy Guggenheim would probably agree with this statement and evaluate the potential of the show "TrashArt&XXL-Formate und die Kraft der freien Szene zwischen Luxus und Askese" ("TrashArt&XXL Formats and the Power of the Free Scene Between Luxury and Asceticism") as very avantgarde.

ADLER A.F./Curator,TrashArt und XXL-Rupfnpaintings/Berlin - München

Internationally renowned TrashArtist ADLER A.F. transforms bulky and outsized refuse into art with a political message: she provokes between abundance and asceticism. ADLER A.F. was aparticipant of the 2011 Biennale in Venice and in 2012 she was invited to show her living sculpture “Trash Queen” at Schrei-Tanz at the Kassel dOCUMENTA(13). In the media sh has been described as Munich’s trashiest artist, calling her performances alarming mischief (oder nonsense wenn du ein mehr negatives Wort willst). ADLER A.F. moves between noe-dada and ironic social criticism (oder auch commentary); in 2008 she founded the world’s first and only TrashArt museum. Located in Berlin it is called MocTA – Museum of contemporary TrashArt.

Her motto is: IN ART WE TRUST

ADLER A.F. aka Trash Queen performing in New York,
Gallery Zeina Assaf 2011© Foto Fatima Haidara


ANRA Andreas and Ralph Hilbert/eco&eso Trash/BaWü

The twins Andreas and Ralph Hilbert go by the name ANRA eso & eco Trash. From recovered items, cast-offs and the garbage of prosperity they create topical installations and material-pictures, sensitizing the viewer and inviting reflection.

They collect and use what others discard, with a preference for items that have a history of their own, transform them and imbue them with new meaning. Thus knives, forks and spoons become tools of creativity, like for example the anti-war installations titled “Creativity Eats Up War".

ANRA’s art is always concerned with beauty and aesthetics, a beauty that doesn’t conform to contemporary ideals and which stands against life in the fast lane and mass consumption. The brothers take position, judging the machinations of global players who destroy our planet with their greed for power and world domination.

Together ANRA stand for a peaceful, creative world which has no space for violence and oppression.


o.T., ANRA


Marc Aurel/painting, XXL-Format/München

"Time is about art … and art is a smooth, mesquite smoke flavored, deep-rich sweet and spicy barbecue sauce I love to smother myself in."

"Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht!", Marc AUREL


gerSCh aka Gerd Scheurer/painting, XXL-Format/München

Pictures are, first and foremost, elementary experiences of real moments. This art renders an elementary application of primary form moments acting and being acted upon. The artist’s unique and individual contribution articulates its pictorial expression non-symbolically into an event-context of universal character. The quality of Gerd Scheuerers paintings is measured exclusively by the intensity of the underlying artistic intent.

Gerd Scheuerer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1972 to 1978. Years of discourse on Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy as well as the sustained study of shamanistic descriptions of reality, form the basis for Scheuerer’s own work.

"Did you ever think of THIS?", Gerd Scheurer


Gregory de la Haba/Photography & painting, XXL-Format/New York/USA

A native New Yorker, de la Haba is an artist, curator, writer and Director of the International Fine Arts Consortium, a semi-nomadic project space functioning in the real and virtual worlds through a broad based
international network of artists, curators, advisors, collectors, entrepreneurs and technology experts that seek to expand the dialogue in the arts and the avantgarde.

De la Haba's artwork and projects have been included in the Salzach Biennial, Salzburg Arts Festival, Queens
Museum, Kunsthaus Tacheles,Contemporary Istanbul, Mykonos Biennial, Scope Basel and numerous other Art Fairs. Most recently he curated the exhibition Who Shot Natalie White and is organizing a retrospective of the
Abstract Expressionist painter Joann Gedney. A cum laude graduate of Harvard University, de la Haba’s writings and artworks have been published in numerous publications including the Southampton Review, Whitehot
Magazine, and New York Arts magazine. He is represented by Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam.

"Burning Beneath A Cold Blue Moon (Montauk)", Gregory de la Haba


Hansen Jeremy/Installation/Vancouver - Detroit/ Kanada - USA

Spontaneously creating works inspired by daily interactions. With the attempt to stave off his own guilt from our civilizations waste, Hansen chooses to use discarded interesting trash.

He will works on paper and plans on creating a Robot Rothko which is a large wall sculpture out of Berlin found trash.

o.T., Installation, Jeremy Hansen


Hochrein Mia/Concept - Action/Münnerstadt

Mia Hochrein saves the ugly, the hated, the discarded and the broken from disappearing by giving them new meaning or at least affection in her works. Her public appearances as cleaner, huntress, scientist or village shop clerk thoughtfully reflect everyday life in a way that leaves a niggling sense of irritation and unanswered questions.

She studied Fine Art and Visual Communication at the Kassel University of Fine Art but has since returned to her rural roots to base her work in local structures.

"Da ist doch ein Haken dran", Mia Hochrein

Igor Kaschkurjewitsch

Igor Karschkurjewitsch, born 1957 in Minsk, comes from an important Belarusian family of artists. In Minsk he studied Graphic Arts and Design, while simultaneously developing his own style as a painter and stone sculptor. He worked as a lecturer and curator and was a founding member of the Independent Centre for Contemporary Art in Belarus. Since 1998, Igor Kaschkurjewitsch has been living and working as an independent sculptor and painter in Berlin.

"Mein wunderschöner Neandertalerfreund", 2008, Igor Kaschkurjewitsch

Kathy Kissik/Assemblage/Miami/USA

Kathy Kissik is a graduate of The Museum School Boston and Tufts University where she was a 5th year Traveling Scholar Recipient. She has received two Pollock-Krasner Grants and is exhibited in the US, Canada, and Europe. Her artwork is widely collected in both private and public collections.

Kissik’s mixed media paintings and sculpture are often architectural. Trained primarily in photography and welding, her materials are carefully chosen. “I seek out components that lend themselves visually and conceptually to the subject I am dealing with.” The ‘URBAN WEAPON SERIES’ is a visual commentary on the violence and gang life in Miami where she currently lives and creates.

"Alley Bow and Arrow" und "Urban Zephyr Shield", Kathy Kissik



Tine Kindermann/showcases/New York/USA

Tine Kindermann, born in Berlin, has been creating peepshows and dioramas from boxes and trash she collects on the streets of the Lower Eastside, an area formerly known as ‘Little Germany’, and populates them with characters sculpted from modelling clay. Tine’s works can be found in the collections of Cheryl Hanson’s (daughter of Muppet creator Jim Henson), Iggy Pop and others.

"Zwei Im Keller", Tine Kindermann


Krumbholz Stephanie/Installation, Concept Art/Berlin

The visualization of energy flows, the comparison of microscopic and macroscopic structures, the reduction to black and white as well as questioning the relationship of line, form, expanse and structure are the subject of Stephanie Krumbholz works. She does so in creating collages with old and recycled materials which supply their own story, adding to the picture.

"Der Würfelwurf", Stephanie Krumbholz


Emil Memon/experimental Videos/New York/USA

Emil Memon is a Slovenian New York City based Visual Artist. He did his undergraduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy (Academia di Belle Arti, Firenze); graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (ALU), Slovenia and as a Fulbright scholar at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NYC, where he received his MFA (New Forms).

His Art education continued by working for Leo Castelli Gallery where he had a chance to work on installations of artists like Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Mario Merz, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd,Dennis Oppenheim, etc..later on Sol LeWitt drawing .

As a musician Emil had an interest in merging Pop culture into Art and by working at the famed NYC Night Club Area he started participating ,at that time intense NYC night life, that later informed his work by choosing night clubs for venues for his Art and Music projects and Art Curatorial (Tunnel, Club USA, LimeLight…). The late 80's Wall St. crash had a crisis effect on NYC art world and in a way freed the artists away from career and money calculations to focus on their work in a more free and honest way. From this his interest in Artists independence formed by showing and curating in site specific and traditionally spaces not associated with Art.

In 2014, among other activities, Memon co-curated the exhibition “Japonism in contemporary Art” at The Nippon Gallery, where he also showed his recent work and performed part of Ambient Chaos at Spectrum, NYC, a Live music show, in which he incorporated his film “Blue Movie/1983".


"Blue Movie", Emil Memon



The Berlin-based artist Morelli has succeeded in creating his own art from. For nearly 30 years he has been creating composites from everyday things, distorting the materials to such a degree that known objects appear in a completely new guise, thus allowing a freer, ironic-humorous perspective on everyday life. With each work you realize that Morelli is a free-thinker, a keen observer of his contemporaries. He is an essentially prophetic artist who still remains true to himself and his style.

His paintings and objects are cheeky, witty, biting, provocative, but always contain a creative aesthetic that invites the gaze to linger. With his art, Morelli sets a solid counterpoint to our throwaway society, which is still far removed from understanding that even industrially manufatured products are capable of more than one life. As a recycler Morelli teaches through his artworks that things are more than meets the eye. And he will continue to do so, as long as his fellow humans continue to throw beautiful, elaborately produced things simply into the garbage.


"Styros", 2011, Morelli


Cornelius Perino/Performance&Concept/Berlin - Jamaica

Perino constructs his objects and images with a visionary rage entering his work in an unrestrained fashion. The most disparate materials and techniques colliding with immediate, enormous aesthetic power. (Alfred Jons)


"Der Schrei", 1997, Öl auf Jute, Cornelius Perino


Nele Stroebel/Sculpture lost&found/Berlin - München

Lost&found uses public spaces as a stage.

Objects altered and dismantled beyond recognition are placed in streets or put up at swap meets, sometimes alongside lovingly worded instructions. Much is to be saved this way, through new use, ready for upcycling, while other objects are just cryptically discarded. So one and the same phenomenon elicits emphatic reactions of urban depths and heights, the kind of polarities so typical of Berlin: great care or complete chaos may result.

As a visual artist, Nele Strobel passes through these signs with pen, chisel and camera, converting this or that. And voila: lost&found – an attempt to uncover the soul of things, to encircle and transform them into a walk-in diary. Mixed media, wood and a sense of wonder.


"Lost&Found Wandertag 7", Nele Stroebel


Jerry Vile/dirty objects/Detroit/USA

Jerry Vile has been part of underground Detroit since he was old enough to say "Fuck You". His past and present careers (publisher, singer, executive, artist) may be elaborate performance pieces. He is best known for creating The Dirty Show® erotic art exhibition and public agitprop statements such as Crisco Fist.


Lee Wells/painting, XXL-Format/New York/USA


Lee Wells is a conceptual artist, curator, writer and technology consultant living and working in New York since 2000. He has presented his work internationally, including the 51st Venice Biennale, The Guggenheim Museum, NCCA Moscow, PS1/MoMA, and the 1st Mykonos Biennale. His projects and exhibitions have been reviewed in publications including The New York Times, The Art Newspaper, Rolling Stone, and Art in America. Wells regularly lectures on art, technology, and contemporary society at many schools and universities including: Columbia University, Princeton University, New York University, among others. As a curator, Wells co-created the video art archive Perpetual Art Machine and was curator at large for Scope Art Fairs 2005-2010 prior to reigniting IFAC Arts in November 2013.



Winter Gerhard/GlasNägelHolz-Objekte/München

An artist whose creative power draws from the depths of his own sensibilities. He works primarily in wood, colour, metal wires and glass. Found items connect the core, painful and protective at the same time. Two faces, two moulds, two halves determine many of his sculptures and material works.

Twoness also always means duality, estrangement and division, while on the other hand the constant desire for togetherness, unity and atonement (Atonement hat eine eher religiöse Bedeutung. Kann auch durch bridging the gap/chasm ersetzt werden) remains.

These works admonish the ambivalence of life between fulfilment and loss, are reminders that the greatest happiness does not exist without the deepest pain. ( Christiane Sellner)

o.T., Gerhard Winter