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07.06.2014 - 21.06.2014

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the mask show

44flavours | Beatriz Crespo | Amrei Hofstätter | Arnaud Iprex | Geso / Pablo Iglesias | Lenin Ortega | Moran Sanderovich | Naemeh Shirazi | Washo Valenzuela


opening reception on the 7th of June 2014 at 7 pm



The art of mask is the art of creating a character that one can become. It's a universal culture and lies at every single level of society. In Europe, many traditions including masks are still alive, like the carnival in Venice or Basel. Likewise, masks hold an important place in contemporary art. The symbolism of the mask varies from one culture to another, from sacred in Africa to satirical in the Commedia dell’arte, or as a component of the catharsis in Greek theatre. One question arises: What is the role of masks in the imagination of a contemporary man?

This April The Mask Project took place in Paris, Berlin and Dedougou. It was an event created to initiate a new way of dealing with mask cultures. Concurrently with Festima, the International Mask Festival (Dédougou, Burkina Faso) from Africa. The events in Paris, Berlin and Dedougou were meant to share, collaborate and involve people in the construction of a new image from the mask culture. Like a festival connecting culture in three different cities and three different countries, each node represented a different aspect of the culture.

At neurotitan gallery the Mask Project presents an exhibition with artists that are connected one way or another with the collective and that common interest in masks. Apart of a concrete group of artists, the open concept from the collective is also extended into the exhibition, giving the opportunity to other artists to take part or collaborate, but also offering the chance to the viewer to contribute by drawing a mask for our project. The show at Neurotitan includes works from 44flavours, Amrei Hofstätter, Arnaud Iprex, Beatriz Crespo, Geso / Pablo Iglesias, Lenin Ortega, Moran Sanderovich, Naemeh Shirazi, Washo Valenzuela, etc.

The Mask Collective was founded in Berlin in 2013 as an initiative from different artists sharing a common interest for mask cultures and with the intention of building a project that could communicate the different art disciplines, opening new ways to experiment with masks and the concept of identity.



44flavours is an art and design collective, based in Kreuzberg-Berlin, run by Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle. The duo have been working together for a decade strong, developing unconventional analogue typography, and finding creative ways to smuggle art inspired contraband into commercial branding and communications. The objective of the studio is to deliver excellent work, regardless of the profile of the client or the market scope of the project at hand.

44flavours value honesty, transparency, spontaneity, creative chaos, team work, a good sense of humor, a lightness of spirit, yo-yo and table tennis prowess, as well as a client’s courage to experiment and to be different. Their roots are firmly planted in graffiti, yet they're often heard dismissing the current wave of street art as pure hype. They run a highly successful design bureau, exhibit in museums, and even teach kids how to make beautiful installations and through this how to enjoy this thing called art.

Amrei Hofstätter

Amrei Hofstätter is an artist and illustrator currently living and working in Berlin. Her hypergeometric world floats within trauma induced obsessions, visions of a neon printed future, psychology and the art of origami. Surreal, doll-like creatures merge with (or emerge from) their colorful, detailed environments in their constant struggle for a transformation of unclear result, leaving behind a trace of abstract, absurdist machines invaded by chaos and on the brink of disintegration.

Amrei has shown her work in various group- and solo-exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her clients among fashion brands and music labels include Manish Arora, Vans and Planet Mu. She has recently released a legging collection with the berlin based label Front Row Society.

Arnaud Iprex

Arnaud Iprex was born in Paris, France in 1988 and currently lives and works in Paris and Berlin. An applied mathematician and artist, Iprex has taken part in art shows all over Europe, including in Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona. He is also the initiator and global manager of The Mask Collective, a group that explores the role of the mask in contemporary artistic perception, and has held events in Berlin, Paris, and Dédougou (Burkina Faso).
In his paintings, Iprex’s focuses on the shared nature of human experience. He approaches the common denominators of human behaviour from various perspectives and thereby highlights links between disparate behaviors, such as religious ceremonial acts and the rituals of obsessive compulsive disorder patients. Iprex has created a unique artistic narrative, which is crucial in understanding his work, and makes his paintings riveting to explore.

Beatriz Crespo

Beatriz Crespo is a French / Spanish intellectual that switches between fields and media to convey the result of her work; being those, among others: poetry, essay, artistic installation, ambience, performance and visual art. Being raised both in the scientific knowledge (industrial design diploma) and the artistic one, at the ascetic and animist land of Castilla, this mysterious dualism has been always present in her life.

The work of Beatriz is usually multilayered and can be read from very different mental angles. She assumes art as the path written while thinking, researching and understanding the human being, society and their interactions. Playing with all the aspects of the object-artistic piece, one of the most important is the dialogue that take place between art and visitor-reader. Therefore, most of her pieces endowed of that animist circumstance, reveal themselves only after some time with the public, changing her discourse in dependance with the progression of the time or the different environmental conditions (changes of light, temperature, or angle of vision etc). Transexistencialism, intellectual animal and the topography of the soul are some of her fields of research. The dualism of the concepts and symbolic use of materials and space are a key concept on her artistic practice.

Geso / Pablo Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias (Madrid 1977) is an active creative mind involved in different art and design fields. As graphic designer and art director for GeeOhDee studio, as artist creating works for exhibitions in galleries and festivals, and as publisher and curator (since 1999) for his main project: Belio. Pablo actually lives and works in Berlin. He is also curator and director in the The Mask Collective in collaboration with Arnaud Iprex.

Geso is the moniker he uses for his most personal work, specially focused in glitch and video art, live-video performances and urban interventions. His videos are a combination of glitches, geometric graphics, urban explorations, landscapes and images from nature, evoking a sort of lost paradise, a visual journey through symbols and images extracted from reality in order to re-connect the viewer with a kind of collective memory.

Lenin Ortega

Lenin Ortega (Colombia 1980) is a professional graphic designer, he also made studies in motion graphics and documentary filmmaking. He has worked in his own country in virtual education pioneer projects and multimedia. On the other hand Lenin always has been involved in independent projects of artistic creation, like sculpture, digital photography, video and animation. Those creations led him to work from 2002 to 2004 in the International book fair of Bogotá and exhibit in the 9th National Academic Art Hall with “Amalgama” (animal bone and cold porcelain) in 2005. He has also exhibited in the 4th National Art Hall of Bogotá and in the Modern Art Museum of Bogotá, and participated in festivals like Festival Hop, Bideodromo and Doculens in Spain and Festival Mórbido in Mexico.

Nowadays he lives in Madrid - Spain, where he is developing various projects that combine literature, sculpture and video. This fusion led him to create more complex situations and characters, giving a particular sight of the society.

Moran Sanderovich

Moran Sanderovich is performance artist from Israel, living in Berlin since 2011, integrates various art forms mainly performance, installation, sculpture and video. Her most recent exhibitions and performance include Alpha nova Kulturwerkstatt & Galerie Futura, "Monsters" in the Gallery Sprechsaal and "Warp and Woof" at District Berlin Gallery.

Her sculptures and costumes which form the core of her work are made out of various substances as well as combinations between ready-mades and organic materials. Moran exposes hidden layers inside the body that are thought to be repulsive and transform these suppressed places into agents of new possibilities and creates alternative bodies, in which the terms "disability" and "imperfection" are irrelevant. Her aim is to reveal how we perceive ourselves in different contexts, personal and cultural.

Naemeh Shirazi

Naemeh Shirazi (ni•e•ma she•rä•ze) is a freelance artist, activist, and educator from New York City with over a decade of experience in the field of art and museum education. Her grant-awarded conceptual designs have been featured in the Museum of Modern Art shop and in other high-profile museum shops worldwide. She is the co-founder of actlab--a Berlin-based visual art and movement laboratory that has received recognition for its progressive, interdisciplinary approach. Her current practice focuses on performance and socially engaged art, as well as sustainability. She lives and works between New York City and Berlin.


Washo Valenzuela

Washo Valenzuela lives and works in Germany since 2006. After studying Fine Arts in Ecuador, Free Art (HfBK) in Dresden and pedagogy in Leipzig he moved to Berlin. He considers part of his work has a very personal background connected with political motivations. Apart of drawings, watercolor paintings and films he also experiments with installations with a less intimate approach. He considers himself a witness of the everydayness and works constantly in adding diverse elements that helps in the connection of different societies, building imaginary bridges, making possible the dialog between cultures that are far away from each other.

In his films "El funsionamiento de la diversidad" or "Minga" he made a work of exchanging perspectives between Ecuador and Germany. And he is currently developing the projects "Correo comunal" and "Konstakt" to participate in "Signs of the city" from Urban Dialogues, by pairing life experiences from the inhabitants of two different social context such as Berlin and Quito.



The Mask Project

The Mask Project is an art piece open to interaction with all kind of individuals, from different type of artists such as designers, illustrators, dancers, performers, photographers, video makers, etc. to general public willing to take part. Based on wearable interactive mask designed by Arnaud Iprex. The project has developed in different ways, like workshop with kids, urban actions and social events where people is invited to create their own mask, the character and its story. But also an online collective open for people to submit their own mask designs.

In the exhibition there will be displayed part of the results from previous experiences, the mask itself, but also materials for people to leave their own mask and be part of the show and the collective.